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People + CityHUB = Smart city

Smart City platform for building better and smarter communities through engagement and empowerment of citizens. This is an imperative for every smart municipality and CityHUB provides tools to encourage citizen participation.

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Quick activation of the City

Do not worry about integration. The new city is activated for less than an hour. The mobile application for citizens is completely free.


CityHUB is located on a secure server with daily backup. You just have to use it and do not worry about data security.

Design UX/UI

You can fully visual determine the application to your needs and the visual identity of the city. You manage the appearance of the interface, category and content by using your own titles, colors, images, backgrounds, layout of elements.


A multitude of modules are available. Select that you want to use and arrange them in the application.

One application for all cities

Cityhub is one application that adapts to the user's location and loads the city where they are currently located.

Free upgrades

Lifetime free updates with new functionality based on feedback from the cities themselves. We develop what the cities really need.


We take care of optimum application performance for Android and iOS devices at no additional cost.

Transparency and certificates

By introducing the CityHUB system you achieve greater transparency of data and communication with citizens. You can get extra points with the introduction of various certificates for the city.

City Service

Report communal problems in the city through mobile application. Citizens simply capture a problem, choose the category and description of the problem and send a report. The registration transmits to the city administrator who further delegates it to the relevant services all through Cityhub administration application, along with the snapshot of the problem and the location on the map.

City Guide

Creating a tourist guide for the city using an unlimited number of categories and subcategories. The module can be fully visually customized to each city and its identity using your own menus, colors, templates, images. Navigation is intergrated to each point for application users. The amount of content and points you can set are unlimited. Provide your citizens and visitors all information about interesting points in the city and its surroundings. From restaurants, museums and excursions, all information can be obtained using the CityHUB application.

City News

Inform citizens about all relevant events, announcements, and any other information that are important for the city. Citizens follow the news categories they are interested in and they are informed via push notifications when there is a new announcement. The structure for publishing news in the corresponding categories creates through the same system of categories and subcategories. For each type of announcement / news you can create templates with necessary information (title, description, image, contact information, map, gallery, push notifications.)

City Initiatives

Module for proposing an initiatives by the city or citizens through photos, location and description of the proposed initiative. Everyone can be included in the discussion of the proposal through voting and discussions comments. The module is applicable for other various purposes such as the implementation of public discussion or getting public opinion on a topic.

City Volunteering

The module enables organizations and initiatives within the city to publish their activities and needs for volunteers. Citizens are informed via push notification and can apply for volunteering. In this way, the awareness of the importance of volunteering for every community and even for your city increases. The module was developed in collaboration with the Center for volunteering.

City Forms

Create an unlimited number of online fill forms where it is possible. So citizens can make the first step easier in obtaining some kind of licence or anything else what you enable. The module can also be used for other purposes because there is an unlimited number of fields for creating forms and fill forms available to you.

City Social

Reach for the content from social networks for each city separately (by city name) and integration of that dynamic content into the applicatio. In this way, citizens and visitors have a real insights into all relevant and interesting events in the city. This module represents the direction of development the entire CityHUB platform, where we will enable cities insights in data that has been scattered so far across on various social networks. Stay where your citizens are and where you can feel the real pulse and their thinking - on social networks.

  • City Service
  • City Guide
  • City News
  • City Initiatives
  • City Volunteering
  • City Forms
  • City Social

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