City Volunteering

This module of CityHub facilitates and accelerates the process between volunteer organizations and

potential volunteers. What is it about? Volunteer organizations send a request to the city to seek

volunteers for their projects. The city administrator checks every association to be sure that it really is a volunteer institution. When everything is checked, the city posts this same volunteering request on CityHub under public notice.

All application users through the “push” notifications see it and interested can apply. Users who are not interested in this just exclude push notifications for this module and follow only what they are interested in.

The goal of this module is to provide a safer, better and faster organization, increase the number of citizens involved in volunteering and volunteer programs that contribute to solving current community problems, empowerment of volunteer organizers and other organizations from different social sectors through volunteering (associations, public institutions and other nonprofit organizations ), empowerment of individuals and human resource development through volunteering activities, with special attention dedicated to children and youth and educational institutions and their staff, improvement of the position of socially excluded persons and persons at risk of social exclusion through their involvement in volunteering.