City Initiatives

It is yet another form of two-way communication between citizens and local governments. We are aware of the fact that the citizens will their dissatisfaction usually share on social networks, while their ideas and suggestions will keep for themselves or within their loved ones because they think that are “too small to make a difference.”

Citizens or the city itself offer suggestions what they consider important for a certain improvement, change or something new in the city. Critical thinking encourages and inclusion of a greater number of citizens in discussions so that common forces could reach the optimum solution that will benefit the entire city. Any citizen who is a user of an application votes “for” or “against” for an initiative he considers to be primary for the city.

Except voting, even more important is the possibility of conducting discussion of the initiative through a system comments, while the city has a complete insight of the votes and comments. The module is the perfect solution for conducting public hearings. Whether it is an event organization initiative, building a children’s playground or something quite different, you have a insight into this and see exactly how citizens breathe and therefore ultimately you know how to act.